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WaveFormer Audio is dedicated to making high quality online mixing services available to Artists and Producers without breaking the bank. There is already so much cost involved in being an Artist such as Studio Time, Promotion and Travel.

One of your first steps before you have to jump in and swim with the sharks is to have a quality demo/radio ready product. We are here to make that step a little less painful. You could easily pay $250-$500 to have one song mixed online regardless if it's a simple song of 5 tracks or less.  We give you the same level of quality for a fraction on the cost.  So you may ask.. “Why”  "What’s the catch”? Well there is none!

We understand what you're going through as Indie Artist having been there ourselves. Our Mix Engineer has been mixing for over 10 years.  With a natural ear for music he taught himself to use Pro Tools and to Engineer before ever setting foot in a formal classroom.  He attended The Institute of Audio Research in NYC where he graduated at the top of his class with a degree in Recording Engineering and Post Production Audio.  He also won First Place in the Audio for Film Awards for 2008. 

Within his many years of studio experience he has seen how much of a financial struggle it is for Indie Artists to get there projects done.  So he decided to do something about it and WaveFormer was born.

So please allow WaveFormer Audio to be one step on your march to stardom...




WaveFormer Post Production

WaveFormer Audio also provides Audio Post Production Services. Including Sound Design, Foley and Sound Mixing for Commercials, Radio and Film. Very competitive flexible rates for Independent Film Students and Directors working on a tight budget. For a quote, send an email including length of film and brief description of what you need done.

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